Friday, June 30, 2006

It was fun while it lasted

Karmabites1 has turned comment moderation back on. I realized this after she asked me to e-mail her. Here's what I tried to post to her, just in case she decides not to publish it:

Karma, I'm not sure I feel entirely comfortable e-mailing you... I'll think about it while I'm setting up a gmail account.

My original post has been deleted again as well. That makes three times, I think? Or is this four? Nevermind, though, I have it saved!

You are frightening. At best you're a troll with too much time on your hands. At worst, you're a delusional stalker. Because I'm not completely cynical, I tend to think you fall somewhere in between.

As for these oh so impressive NBC hits? (Since you wouldn't publish my comment from the other day...) It's common knowledge that Countdown (and probably the other shows) have staffers out cruising the blogosphere for buzz. It's ridiculously easy to set up a Google search tool for blog mentions of "Olbermann" or any other keyword.

And just because you "traced" an IP to a certain comment page doesn't mean that the person with that IP made any comment there. IPs are not tied in any way that I've been able to work out to specific comments. And as popular as this site has become, you must have several visitors at once, so you can't really go on timestamp information, either.

Speaking of popular, you must be terribly excited by all these comments! Oh, so many people hanging on your every word, just waiting for another tiny glimpse of the Trainwreck a la e-mail. Nice "screencap" you posted yesterday. I don't believe anything of your story past the part where you e-mailed him as a fan and he responded to you.

Frankly my dear, I think you should shit or get off the pot. Shut us naysayers up! Come on, I dare you. I triple dog dare you.


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