Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How can we miss you if you won't go away?

Because "Good night and good luck" was a little too cheesy.

Monday, July 24, 2006

What have we learned?

Thank you to everyone who wished me well over the weekend. I had a very nice, relaxing couple of days.

I'm sure most of you saw this coming. I'm done. I haven't checked karmabites1's blog since Friday afternoon, and I don't plan on going back any time soon. I had no idea how much energy I was using checking that thing multiple times a day and getting frustrated over it.

Nothing said over there, by her or her commenters, means much of anything to me. It took stepping back from it to realize that. Nothing said over there will change what kind of a newscaster I think Olbermann is. It won't keep me from watching Countdown and enjoying it. It won't keep me from listening to The Big Show and enjoying it.

I've always wondered why the Olbermann Watch regulars spent so much time and energy on someone they can't stand, and I was - in a sense - doing the same thing. That's not to say I understand them any better. If anything, I'm more confused about it.

Anyway, I'm closing up shop. I'll leave this post open for comments for a while, then I'm locking it up.

As for what I've learned - do not engage the crazies.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Time for a Break

I've decided to take the weekend off. I need to do some more thinking about this blog's role in this situation. That, and reading the nastiness across the way is making me alternately laugh at the craziness and sick to my stomach.

So I'm going to see how I feel on Monday. In the meantime, I guess I should look into one of these "lives" some commenters have suggested I get. Do you suppose I can pick one of those up at Walmart?

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Karmabites1's blog has degenerated into a festival of clones claiming to have been not-quite loved and left by Olbermann. It has the stink and slime of Olbermann Watch regulars all over it. And it's basically turned into a game of one upsmanship as far who can come up with the most disgusting insults about performance and anatomy. Yet, if someone dares to question them, they are labelled assholes.

Here's a random thought that popped into my head last night - the so-called hack that karmabites1 complained about? It was probably just a case of one of the sockpuppets over there messing around with the blog without the other sockpuppets' knowledge.

And here's another thought, not so random. I've been thinking about this, really since a day or two after I started the blog. How much is this blog contributing to the situation? We want a place to speak freely, but are we inflaming the people behind karmabites1? Are we making them want to get nastier and more personal with their insults?

Even if Olbermann doesn't bother reading that trash, we know that someone from NBC has visited it and probably continues to do so. There may be employees visiting from their home computers. Surely most of them are intelligent enough to realize that it's all bullshit, but there is always a select few complete dimwits who believe crap like the poo that's being flung full force there.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Never let it be said that I don't devote myself fully to my hobbies

I'm not sure why karmabites1 left comments enabled and unmoderated while she's visiting the funny farm, but she did. Now the floor is open for everyone to make up whatever they want about Olbermann.

Someone in the last comment thread asked about the deleted post, so here it is. There may have been more comments after the ones I screencapped, but I gave up then.

Once again detractors, don't waste your fingers commenting on how much free time I must have. I know. I'm very lucky that way.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I'm going to be away for a few days from the blog, I'll be checking myself into a place (my health insurance will pay for most of it) and hopefully I will get the help I need.
What will I do with myself while karmabites1 is checking into a mental health facility for a few days? Who checks into a place for a few days? (I'm really asking. I don't know how these things work, but I would figure if it's bad enough for you to have to actually CHECK IN, that they'll keep you for a while.)

I was a willing participant in what led to the one-night stand but if he'd shown a little bit more class and have been less of an asshole to me, this whole mess could've been avoided.
Assuming any of this is true (Is there anyone out there who still believes her?) she's still putting all the blame for this on Olbermann. And for what? He had sex with her and dumped her. That happens every DAY.

And say, did you notice that Tuesday's post has been deleted? She had deleted my comment that night, but the post was up until sometime this afternoon/early evening. I have screencaps of the post and most of the comments, though. Detractors, save your typing fingers - no need to tell me I'm pathetic or I need to get a new hobby or I need to get a life, etc, etc, etc. This is my hobby right now.

Wrap That Rascal!

Karmabites1's latest post is just a bunch of information about condoms and preventing STDs. Is she trying to insinuate that she had unprotected sex with Olbermann? Is she trying to insinuate that he gave her an STD? Oh! Maybe she thinks she's pregnant!

Popcorn's on me!

Oh, and I'll put the hit counter up here. I guess the people who are obsessed with telling the commenters here that they're obsessed with a blog about a blog want to see some stats. Note: This hit counter shows unique visitors rather than page loads. (Page loads can result in inflated results.)

I still haven't figured something out. If we're obsessed for watching karmabites1's blog and commenting about it here, what does that make the people who keep coming back to remind us that we're just crazy and obsessed? They seem awfully adamant about telling us we shouldn't care.

Edited to add:
KarmaBites1 said...

Anonymous said...
"Have you e-mailed or called Keith?"

No, it's been at least more than six weeks.

He might be hearing from me very soon though...

11:12 AM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hey look! I'm milking my 15 seconds of fame!
KarmaBites1 said...

Anonymous said...
"Hey Karma, Raton's rodent friends claim that the reason you've only posted one email is that is all you have. Does that give you an idea of their mentality?"

Well, this should tell you what I think of them... I had forgotten Raton had a little hate website about me and let her post a comment, lol.

9:30 PM

Monday, July 17, 2006


I realized just now that I'm blogging about a blog. I'm the first person to admit how ridiculous that is. That said, here are my thoughts on karmabites1's latest post. Caroline posted the text in a comment to the last post on here.

I have waffled back and forth thinking karmabites1 might be telling the truth and thinking she's making everything up. It's a plausible premise. She sent a few emails to a television personality. Sure, that happens all the time. She didn't get a response. That happens all the time, too. But she really wanted to get a response, so she tried sending a picture of herself. Ok, that seems a little... strange, but it was just a headshot, right? Oh, but that didn't work, so she upped the ante again by sending a "sexy photo". We don't know what that first photo looked like. It could have been as simple as a sexy dress and soft lighting, or it could have been the kind of thing amatuers send into Penthouse.

My point is, she's the one who sent the photo, unasked, in the first place. I'm not one of those "OlbyLoons" who think Keith can do no wrong. In fact, I think he's all sorts of messed up. But let's separate the fact that he's on television for a moment, since I honestly think that's where most of the controversy here lies.

Some guy gets a provocative picture and starts flirting with the sender. He realizes through their correspondence that she seems open to the idea of getting together to have sex. (Karmabites1 said herself that it was understood that when he showed up at the hotel, that's what would be happening.) Does that make him a horrible, evil, no-good person, or just a normal, tacky male?

Am I oversimplifying? Sure, but so is karmabites1 and the commenters who keep harping on the idea that this celebrity USED his position to lure this poor, innocent, naive girl. Glass half empty? He's a normal guy who used bad judgement in responding to a woman (in her "very early thirties") who very likely seemed to be offering herself to him. The only reason any of us are talking about this is this guy happens to be on television.

All that is assuming that any part of her story is true. I'm waffling back to the Not A Single Bit side. I think it's entirely possible that she doesn't have any incriminating emails. She keeps dangling them like carrots, but she never produces anything. So she makes a post asking what we, her loyal readers, think she should do. It looks a bit like a veiled threat if you ask me. It's possible that someone from that NBC ISP is still checking her blog every once in a while. (Someone from NBC checked this blog a few times, too. Big whoop.)

She opens up the floor for everyone to convince her to publish the emails, knowing that there will be plenty of people telling her not to do it. Check any of the previous posts and you'll find comments telling her to do what is best for her. Just delete the blog and move on. What good would it do to publish the emails? My theory is that she was counting on those comments and planning on saying "yeah, you're right. I won't publish any more emails." All because she doesn't have any incriminating emails.

And now we have suicidal thoughts thrown into the mix. Call me heartless (she already did) but that's awfully convenient, isn't it? Here's another theory: she doesn't know where to go with this crap, so she threatens suicide and stops posting. Right now the comments are restricted. The blog seems to be under lockdown. People will wonder, "Oh no! Did she really kill herself?" She might stop posting forever, but my guess is she'll stop for a couple of days then come back with some kind of story about her nervous breakdown.

But really, suicide? What better way to get Olbermann's attention? He's probably already received some emails about her fragile mental state. The few haters who are still listening to her have probably already condemned him for causing her death!

Want a really far out theory? Maybe she knows Grove and already knows that he's planning on publishing some more emails. Maybe her "boring office work" is at the NYDN. Hell, maybe she's Grove's assistant!

ANYTHING could be the truth. No matter what anyone else says, there's always going to be some people out there doubting it. MSNBC and/or Olbermann could come out and say "This is all a bunch of lies, and we haven't bothered to say anything before because we had hoped it would peter out, but we obviously underestimated the crazy in this one." And the detractors would say, "Well obviously he's lying!"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh! This explains EVERYTHING!

Karmabites1 wasn't carrying on with Olbermann. She just somehow mananged to confuse a 6'3 1/2" American with caterpillar eyebrows with a petite, somewhat feminine Japanese man.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The "Jackie Emails"

I post this simply in the interest of getting information out there. People are talking about these emails, positively and negatively. Jackie posted these on a couple of forums and I guess people were questioning their authenticity. Other people seem to have taken their content as further evidence of Olbermann's "guilt".

Jackie offered to send them to me so that I could post them. Previously, she had just copy/pasted the text of the emails, possibly because she doesn't know how to do screencaps or because she didn't want to bother with them. This time she forwarded the emails to me, and I believe that they are authentic.

These are the screencaps I took. Remember that because these are a set of replies, they appear in reverse order. You might want to start with the bottom cap and move up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


First, an apology. I disabled comments on the last post and I did not mean to. I guess when I was going back and turning off the comments on all the other posts, I clicked that one too. Someday I'll figure it all out.

And on to the reason for this post:

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Ok, so this site was hacked into yesterday. They deleted the link to the Rita email and changed some things around. My password wasn't changed so I was relieved about that and decided not to mention it.

Well, they've hacked into it again.

I have to get in touch with the people at Blogger so this won't happen again.

posted by KarmaBites1 at 11:15 PM

Aww, karmabites1 says her blog was hacked. I find that hard to believe, but then I find pretty much everything she's produced hard to believe. Why on earth would someone go to the trouble of hacking her blog just to delete one e-mail and change a few things around? And why did she edit her post from earlier to say that she was hacked (completely removing her earlier post promising us all the dirty details and ridiculous image of a leg in fishnet stockings) instead of just making a new post? Oh, the crazy works in mysterious ways.

I have been wondering about something. I didn't have access to the internets for several days around the Fourth, so I missed whatever details and promises were hashed out in karmabites1's blog during that time. I missed them because she deleted the whole thing, then she put it back up, but without any of the earlier posts. This was when she made her cryptic "We're even" post, then proceded to say that she was done with Olbermann and the whole situation, only to turn back around and start it all up again.

Aside - The thought has crossed my mind that it was at this time that she started using a comment service in an attempt to track IPs of the anonymous commenters - services like Halo Scan supposedly do that, but signing up causes all of your previous Blogger comments to disappear. I could just be overanalyzing or giving karmabites1 too much credit. She seems to have a habit of flip-flopping, so maybe the deletion was nothing more than a moment of impulsiveness. (On a similar topic, did you know that even if you use Anonymouse, it still shows your IP and ISP on StatCounter?)

Back to my point - from various comments here and there, it seems that karmabites1 or someone else claims that the name of the blog, For This Relief Much Thanks, comes from the words Olbermann spoke after um, arriving, shall we say. But I thought that when her blog first started up, she said that he wasn't able to seal the deal. (And how inconvenient that I can't go back and look to see if I'm recalling this correctly or not.)

Cleaning up

I just discovered the option to freeze comments on previous posts. I knew there had to be an option, but I couldn't find it.

Yep. That's all I have to say. Except I would be remiss if I didn't point you in the direction of the latest blog to pop up. Thanks to the anonymous one on the last post.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Get off the lawn!

In addition to several of the comments on here, I received an email this weekend asking me to do something about all the name calling and finger pointing going on. I'm stuck because I would like to see this blog stay focused on the karmabites1 situation, but I don't want to censor anyone in any way. I suspect that the people who are posting the snipes at each other's fan sites and/or forums think that in some way it has to do with karmabites1.

I'm not going to turn on comment moderation. Karmabites1's selective comment moderation is what led to the creation of this blog, and as I said in a comment on a previous post, I think it would be hypocritical of me to moderate comments. I don't really have the time to dedicate to watching the comments anyway.

All I can do is ask people to think before they post. Does your comment really have anything to do with karmabites1, or can you just not resist getting in a jab at another forum?

Thank you. Now go check out Keith Olbermann Is Evil.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Credibility flies out the window

I was willing to accept most of karmabites1's story. I just wanted her to answer our questions. But after coming across this exchange in the comments on her blog, I don't believe anything she has to say:

KarmaBites1 said...

Anonymous said...
"Are you still e-mailing proof to people who request it?"

The only person I forwarded any of the emails was to Lloyd Grove.

If you're talking about a certain person who thinks I was going to call them to offer proof, you've got to be kidding. I was never going to call that person. I was simply trying to get rid of his/her harassing emails and I knew they'd be too chicken shit to give out a phone number.

10:30 AM


Anonymous said...

Said person has provided complete screencaps of your e-mail exchanges on their own blog. There doesn't appear to be any harrassment going on.

10:44 AM


KarmaBites1 said...

Anonymous said...
"Said person has provided complete screencaps of your e-mail exchanges on their own blog. There doesn't appear to be any harrassment going on."

Well, as flattering as it is to have a site dedicated to me, hate or otherwise, I haven't looked at it. But I'm sure they didn't post the dozens of vile emails they sent me. Just a hunch.

10:55 AM

The screencaps I posted previously compose the entirety of my correspondence with karmabites1. I sent no e-mails to her before or after that exchange. When she said "leave me alone", I decided that anything else I had to say to or about her would be doen so on this blog. Of course, it's a case of "karma said/rat said" at this point, and most of the regular readers here will have made up their mind one way or the other about how much they trust karmabites1's allegations.

I can only think of two reasons for why she would make up a lie like this. The first is that she's a pathological liar, but I doubt that. The second is that she felt the need to make me look bad. It's a relatively innocuous lie. Even if it were true that I sent her other emails, the people "on her side" would probably have already assumed that I was harassing her, and the people "on my side" would assume that she's exagerrating about the "vile" nature of the emails. Anyone still left on the fence at this point would probably not care either way.

Any lie at all, especially one this small, makes everything she's said seem invalid. If her original story was true and if she wasn't hiding anything, why lie about something that makes no difference either way?

Like I said, it's my word against hers at this point. But that's her M.O., isn't it? I can't prove that I DIDN'T send her any other emails. And Olbermann can't prove that he didn't, um, do whatever it is she's accusing him of doing. At this point, I'm not even sure.

And that's another thing. Let's assume for a moment that she was telling the truth. What exactly is she so upset with Olbermann for? For leading her on? For not being able to "seal the deal"? For coming up with a lame excuse to get away from her? Isn't it entirely possible (still assuming she was telling the truth, which is a BIG assumption at this point) that he really did carry on some sort of relationship with her but realized upon meeting her that she was off her rocker?

If he bothered carrying on with her for over a year, he obviously wanted more than just sex. Not to give the man too much credit, but surely he could get sex from a "real, live" person. If he actually agreed to meet her in person, he didn't feel threatened by her. The suddenness of his dumping suggests to me that he wanted rid of her as quickly as possible after realizing what she was really like.

Really, it's moot now. I don't think I'll waste my time on that anymore. I've made up my mind at this point that there's barely a speck of truth to what karmabites1 has been saying. I'm still curious about the situation, though. What drives someone to go to such lengths? What is she trying to accomplish?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Verisimilitude. It's more than just a big word.

From OlbermannWatch:

And then the zanies (all 3 of them) at Keitholbermann.org, who proudly proclaim they speak only positive things about their hero decided that such matters of important must be discussed in a newly created sock puppet forum entitled The Anonymous Rat solely designed to declare war on KarmaBites1, QT, and Olbermannwatch (her accomplicies in crime, don't you know).

And what was the great crime being committed here you ask? Why the attempt to bring down the Edward R. Murrow of our time. Yeah, seriously, that's what they think he is. The QT admin, showing a great example of Olbermann logic, then decided to delete her entire board. Way to show 'em: wipe yourself off the map.

No no. This blog was solely designed to publish my comments that karmabites1 kept deleting from her blog. I just want to know what's going on. I went away for the holiday, left the door open, and everyone came in and started throwing things at each other.

And I don't really have a problem with that other than being disappointed. I wanted to open a forum for discussion and debate on the karmabites1 situation, but it turned into some strange fandom war.

And as for that QT message board, they "went underground" once before, so no doubt they're still lurking about out there. They'll turn up eventually.

Yes, I am admittedly a sockpuppet, but I'm not a member of OW, KO.org, QT, DU, the ACLU, WWE, SCOTUS, or any other acronyms.

Turning now to the comments that Olbermann's silence is a sure sign of his guilt. I don't buy this. When he was at Fox News, he had to deal with a stalker. A woman claimed that he was sending her secret messages while on air (I don't know if that includes tapping the desk). I'm not an expert on stalkers, I'm not even an armchair psychologist, but isn't it common knowledge that stalkers are by definition off-kilter and usually take any kind of attention as good attention? Karmabites1 has displayed creepy behavior, so whether her story is true or not, it could be that Olbermann regards her as stalkerish. Having dealt with that sort of thing before, I doubt he would want to acknowledge her in any way.

As for my own opinion, I still haven't been able to come to a conclusion. It is completely possible that karmabites1 did meet Olbermann. It's possible that he wanted to have sex with her. Hell, it's possible that he wasn't able to "seal the deal" as it's been said. But why all the secrecy and censorship, karmabites1? Why delete or refuse to publish the comments that ask you real questions? Why do you only publish the supportive and obviously outlandish dissenting comments? What are you hiding?

Olbermann spoke about verisimilitude today on the Dan Patrick Show. He spoke about how you have to have context in order to come to any conclusion on the appearance of truth. It made me think of karmabites1. What was the context of the emails? How did it turn from fan/TV personality interaction to a "relationship"? How did the subject of meeting come about? Who brought that up? What was the nature of the meeting?

Many might argue that the answers to those questions are none of my business. I would usually agree, but I would point out to those people that karmabites1 put herself out there first. I would also point out that I am in no way suggesting that I'm entitled to the answers. But I am entitled to ask them.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

My apologies!

I just realized that not only do I have a few comments, but I had this thing set to only allow registered users to comment. That was not my intention.

The floor is open. And I can assure you that I will not be deleting any comments.

I will also be gone for three days, so while the mouse is away you cats can play.

Curiouser and curiouser

From Karmabites1's blog:

Saturday, July 01, 2006
We're Even.
In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is.

- - Friedrich Nietzsche

posted by KarmaBites1 at 5:18 PM

And the socks just keep on comin': Karma bites karmabites1

Picture pages, picture pages

I offer more screencaps, as a matter of public record since my comments and all those related were deleted.

This is the LOL's response to my first comment. "LOL" is what it made me do.

My response and LOL's assumption that I'm a loony fan blinded by my love for Keith Olbermann: (My gut tells me that LOL is one of those OlbermannWatch goofballs.)

Karmabites1 tells me to e-mail her. Note that the address she gives here is kbites@gmail.com. She's apparently using karmabites1@gmail.com now (in a comment on her latest post and in her profile).

As I said in my previous posts, it took me a while to set up my sockpuppet gmail account. Karmabites1 took this opportunity to cry "troll":

Why all this fuss?

Looks like any record of me has been struck from karmabites1's blog. She even deleted the posts that made me look like the troll.

I thought maybe I would post a little about myself this morning. I am obviously a sockpuppet. I was a spur of the moment invention. I was watching karmabites1's blog and growing increasingly more annoyed. Her post about someone from NBC "spying" on her really burnt me, but I was trying to refrain from getting involved. I thought she would peter herself out.

She didn't. So Thursday morning, I left a comment very similar to the first comment I left on her "open" thread last night. I wanted to distinguish myself from all the other anonymous commenters, so I signed it ratón anónimo. I just thought it sounded cool. I didn't expect her to publish my comment, but as long as she saw it, I thought that was fine enough.

Then she made her "open" thread post last night. I thought if she was leaving it open, I might as well say something. I took a few minutes to write my post and signed it the same way I had the previous morning.

And then it was deleted. I found that very interesting. A quick refresh showed a couple of comments asking why my comment had been deleted and at least one wondering what the comment had said. That was easy enough to take care of. I reposted it. She deleted it.

At this point I realized that she wasn't interested in having any kind of conversation that she couldn't completely control. I quickly set up this blog and started taking screencaps. On my third (I think - I lost count) repost I was signed in, so there was a link to this blog. If she was going to keep deleting my comments, I would just have to save them and post them here.

She left my comment up for a little while. I guess after she came to the conclusion that I wasn't going away, karmabites1 commented telling me to email her. It took me a while to set up a gmail account. (I'm a sockpuppet, not an idiot. I wasn't about to use my real email.) In the time it took me to do this, I was called chickenshit and karmabites1 took the opportunity to make me look like a troll. I posted the email conversation last night.

Why am I doing this? Let me make one thing clear. I am NOT defending Olbermann. I'm trying to figure out how much of karmabites1's story is truth and how much is fiction. I believe she did email him, he did respond, maybe they carried on a flirtatious correspondence. Anything beyond that is hard for me to believe.

Simply enough, I'm doing this because there is just something fishy about this whole thing. Call me an amateur internets sleuth.