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Hey look! I'm milking my 15 seconds of fame!
KarmaBites1 said...

Anonymous said...
"Hey Karma, Raton's rodent friends claim that the reason you've only posted one email is that is all you have. Does that give you an idea of their mentality?"

Well, this should tell you what I think of them... I had forgotten Raton had a little hate website about me and let her post a comment, lol.

9:30 PM


Anonymous Caroline said...

Personally, I think it sounds like she's talking to herself over there.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Stef said...

Caroline, I've been saying that since her first comment thread...

7:15 PM  
Blogger Stef said...

7:11 brought this up in the previous discussion, and I'd really like to be enlightened on other opinions.

How exactly was their alleged relationship "inappropriate?" Two single adults well over the age of consent had a brief relationship. She wasn't coerced, she initiated. He is not her teacher, employer or superior officer. The only thing vagely inappropriate is that he may have treated her badly - like an ordinary guy with issues would do.

I just don't get where "inappropriate" enters into it.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Caroline said...

@ PI. I think I called you PJ in the other thread. Sorry.

I look forward to hearing how it was "inappropriate" too.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's "inappropriate" is getting so mad at some celebrity you may never even have met that you have to publish a blog attempting to slime his character. THAT'S what's "inappropriate."

Gosh, I hope no one associated with this thing is doing any work for anyone who is running for a political office this year. Such a candidate might not want a person who would do this kind of thing to be associated with him in any way.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having interfered with and stopped my ex-husband’s suicide attempt many years ago, I have all the first hand experience I want with self-destructiveness. I had anticipated a suicide threat in KB long before she tossed the word out. She wanted that word out there and it’s too late to retract it. As a counselor told me many years ago “That’s pretty fucking manipulative!”

I’m wondering what her family is going through, but I hope they are ready for the worst. Even on her best days she must be a handful.

I have also wondered if KB’s blog might be a collaboration – either with an editor/advisor, or her various personalities. There as too many tone changes and incongruous threads in the narrative for it to be a solitary effort.

Either way, she is doing a bang-up job of making it easy to sympathize with KO for dropping her. My only lingering concern with him is how he ever ended up behind a closed door with her after months of correspondence. This is one scary babe.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My only lingering concern with him is how he ever ended up behind a closed door with her after months of correspondence."

No need for concern. He didn't correspond with her for months, and he didn't end up behind closed doors with her. The whole thing is a lie. Not just part of it. ALL of it.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense that the Karma blog is being written by more than one person or personality. There are too many inconsistencies (brought up in prior comments), not just with major facts, but with minor ones as well. How anyone now can say with a straight face that they believe her when she's got some honkers out there is beyond me.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Caroline said...

I agree about the multiple writers. It gives the appearance of different writing styles, to say the least.

Anyone who plays on the suicide ploy ... sheesh, that's just wrong. Thanks to Anon 9.54 for the insight. I have compassion for people truly in need. But it's like the little who screams. When asked why she does it, she says, "Because it got your attention."

For anyone truly in such a depressive state, I hope that you will find a way to recover your life.

For anyone who plays with the word suicide -- there's not a polite word for people like you.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous redtoots said...

You know, I felt sorry for her when she threatened suicide. I've seen what suicide does to a family.

But I'm done with her now. I think she's taking everyone for a manipulative ride to KrazyTown.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I'm done with her now. I think she's taking everyone for a manipulative ride to KrazyTown.

I don't think she's a "she" at all. I think she's a he: a cheeto-snarfing, basement-dwelling he, who thinks this is what chicks do for big teevee stars...even if they're krazy librul liars who are trying to undermine the best president EVAR!

What kind of woman would a) send nekkid pix to a guy she's pursuing a real relationship with, or; b) fly to a strange city to visit him on her own dime, when said guy makes a million bucks a year?

Not one with a brain. Or one whose mama raised her right.

And Olbermann's been on TV for decades now. Are we really to believe he hasn't learned to sniff out delusional starfuckers yet?


11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also wrote to KB about inconsistencies in her posts, especially in the timeline of her story...for which she responded, "I was just trying to shorten the story when I wrote that."

She only posted 3 so-called e-mails from Olbermann, none of which said anything personal, let alone implied a relationship or luring on his part -- just the one on Rita, one about his computer and one on Jude Law's nanny (which says something right there). I pointed out problems with the supposed KO response to that one -- that the poor grammar, syntax, wording and even misuse of a word was out of character for Olbermann who prides himself on proper writing style (look at the proper grammar in his brief responses to Jackie). She never posted that comment or two more again pointing out discrepancies with her story.

While I do have professional experience in the mental health field, I do not like to "diagnose" someone on-line. But I, too, found her ongoing teasing and embellishments of the sexual parts of her story particularly revealing as was her "suicide" cry. Check out the symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder from the DSM-IV-R:

Histrionic Personality Disorder
DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria

A pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking, beginning by early adulthood, as indicated by five or more of the following:
1 The patient is not comfortable unless he is the center of attention.
2 The patient is often inappropriately sexually seductive or provocative with others.
3 The patient displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions.
4 The patient consistently uses physical appearance to attract attention.
5 Speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail.
6 Dramatic, theatrical and exaggerated expression of emotion is used.
7 The patient is easily influenced by others or by circumstances.
8 Relationships are considered to be more intimate than they are in reality.

Clinical Features of Histrionic Personality Disorder
1 The patient is bored with routine, and dislikes delays in gratification.
2 The patient begins projects, but does not finish them (including relationships).
3 Dramatic emotional "performances" appear to lack sincerity
4 The patient attempts to control relationships with seduction, manipulation, or dependency.
5 The patient may resort to suicidal gestures and threats to get attention.

Need I say more!!

Thank you for the opportunity to post here. I was not able to on her site

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By George, I think you've got it...

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2:16am, that describes the person I think is Karma to a T. (Well, at least one of the people behind Karma.) I can't prove it, though, so I can't say that person's name, but there are enough clues floating around the internet & Olbysphere to lead others to the same conclusion. But the more she blogs, the more she reveals about herself, so it's only a matter of time.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're all so full of shit I think a good laxative would do you all a world of good. You think she's pulling things our of her ass? You're accusing innocent people of things you have absolutely no proof for because you can't face the facts of this case or belive for one single second how deeply fucked up he is and I can't even begin to tell you how fucked up that makes all of you. Check her hit counter. So that's all one person hitting it a 1000 times a day? Hmm, don't see a hit counter or stats here. Why would that be? I think you accuse people of shit you've done because in your sick, twisted, and fucked up minds you think that because you do it, everyone else must too. It happened, he's guilty, deal with it. And I think it's you who need to get a new hobby and a new obsession. You're obsessing on a blog about a blog how fucked up and pathetic is that?

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time? Before what? You track her down, kill her? Burn her at the stake? Rip her limb from limb? Have her arrested? For what exactly? This is the most hilarious thing I've ever read. I guess this is like those of you who thought you were going to "record" posts on a certain message board so you could see all of them for defamation huh? Well I see that went nowhere. At the end of the day you're all full of sound and fury (heavy on the fury) and it all signifies absolutely nothing except you're all crazy, obsessed fans who believe yourselves to be normal when you're anything but. GET HELP.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Personalities"? You're quite the people to be accusing others of having "personalities" when all of you use the name "anonymous". Too chicken shit to even think up a blog name to use or just too scared someone will figure out who you are and what your sick, peverted, twisted games are?

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Histronic personality disorder huh? You're fit to diagnose someone because you're in a nut house? Sorry, you're not, it just means you're meds and mental illness are making you delusional (again). I believe what you have in plainspeak is a case of Pot meet Kettle or in psychiatric terms, PROJECTION. You've got a blog about a blog, classic case of trying to turn attention back towards you.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're = you are

9:18 AM  

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