Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why all this fuss?

Looks like any record of me has been struck from karmabites1's blog. She even deleted the posts that made me look like the troll.

I thought maybe I would post a little about myself this morning. I am obviously a sockpuppet. I was a spur of the moment invention. I was watching karmabites1's blog and growing increasingly more annoyed. Her post about someone from NBC "spying" on her really burnt me, but I was trying to refrain from getting involved. I thought she would peter herself out.

She didn't. So Thursday morning, I left a comment very similar to the first comment I left on her "open" thread last night. I wanted to distinguish myself from all the other anonymous commenters, so I signed it ratón anónimo. I just thought it sounded cool. I didn't expect her to publish my comment, but as long as she saw it, I thought that was fine enough.

Then she made her "open" thread post last night. I thought if she was leaving it open, I might as well say something. I took a few minutes to write my post and signed it the same way I had the previous morning.

And then it was deleted. I found that very interesting. A quick refresh showed a couple of comments asking why my comment had been deleted and at least one wondering what the comment had said. That was easy enough to take care of. I reposted it. She deleted it.

At this point I realized that she wasn't interested in having any kind of conversation that she couldn't completely control. I quickly set up this blog and started taking screencaps. On my third (I think - I lost count) repost I was signed in, so there was a link to this blog. If she was going to keep deleting my comments, I would just have to save them and post them here.

She left my comment up for a little while. I guess after she came to the conclusion that I wasn't going away, karmabites1 commented telling me to email her. It took me a while to set up a gmail account. (I'm a sockpuppet, not an idiot. I wasn't about to use my real email.) In the time it took me to do this, I was called chickenshit and karmabites1 took the opportunity to make me look like a troll. I posted the email conversation last night.

Why am I doing this? Let me make one thing clear. I am NOT defending Olbermann. I'm trying to figure out how much of karmabites1's story is truth and how much is fiction. I believe she did email him, he did respond, maybe they carried on a flirtatious correspondence. Anything beyond that is hard for me to believe.

Simply enough, I'm doing this because there is just something fishy about this whole thing. Call me an amateur internets sleuth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why exactly are Olbermann's fans so fanatical? You all need psychiatric help as much as he does. Does he emit some frequency that only crazies can hear? Is that way you all gather round to defend him? Seriously--go get help. It's obvious you're ever bit as obsessed as you accuse this other woman of being. I think that's called projection.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karma does hide a lot of comments. There are several very reasonable, respectful ones that I've submitted which call her evidence into question, which she decided not to print.
That behavior does nothing for her credibility. And yes, she does have have to prove something to us if she wants to be taken seriously. The burden of proof is on her, as has been stated before.

3:53 PM  

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